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Business Acquisition Financing 100% of the purchase price🎉

We now offer the unique opportunity to finance up to 100% of the purchase price.

This relatively new rule enables business owners to acquire another business in a similar space with 100% financing, a feature currently rare in the market.

Business Acquisitions for Independent Entrepreneurs

Our typical clientele includes independent individuals transitioning to different areas after long-term employment. Generally, business  acquisition funding is at 90% of the project cost, which can include  working capital.

For instance, an acquirer purchasing a business for  $1,000,000 and needing $100,000 in working capital would have a total  project cost of $1,100,000. They would initially invest around $110,000  but effectively gain $100,000 back in working capital.

With cooperative  sellers, there’s potential to finance between 90-100% of the purchase  price, enabling a lower capital injection for buyers. Our focus extends  to those looking to buy or sell a business and business brokers, who  often seek our expertise in providing comprehensive funding options."

The Fast and Easy Way to Fund Your Business 🎉

Since 2012, we have been a trusted provider of working capital services for businesses across the nation.
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Alternative loan via Manufacturer Finance

Simplified lending process
Faster turnaround time
Lower "time in business" requirements
No collateral requirements
No cash flow requirements
An industry-changing process that leverages technology to find the capital you need to run your business, without the hassle.
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A Traditional bank loan

Lengthy lending process
A 8 week or more funding time
At least 3 years of business operation required
Heavy emphasis on personal liquidity
A rigid process of the past that comes with stacks of paperwork, weeks of wait times, and too much uncertainty.

Recent  Deals

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$6,264,000 SBA 504

Whisky Distillery

Real Estate Purchase and Improvements
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$1,200,000 SBA 7a

Brewery Franchise

:  Real Estate Acquisition and Buildout
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$3,471,800 SBA 7a

Tissue Paper Manufacturer’s

Real Estate Purchase and Buildout
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$735,000 SBA 7a

Medical Spa Franchise

Startup Buildout
$500,000 Conventional Loan

Medical Practice (non-franchise)


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