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Lending for Small Business Owners, Reimagined

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We believe there is a better way. Let us show you.

Our Values

Our mission is to fund over 10,000 manufacturing companies with speed and integrity, and this is reflected in our core values. We believe that integrity is of the utmost importance and that means always putting people over profits. We are dedicated to doing the right thing all the time with no exceptions.

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Always putting people over profits. Doing the right thing all the time with no exceptions.

Positive Attitude

Nothing great has been accomplished with a poor attitude.


Believe in yourself.

Follow Up

Remember the business owner and work on their timeline.

Bring Solutions

All problems have solutions.

Fearlessly Uncomfortable

Always seeking growth and taking calculated risk.

A Story From Our Founders

Manufacturer Finance founders

In 2014, Darren and Marcus recognized a pressing  need within the industry for a more intuitive and efficient pathway for  business owners to secure Small Business Administration (SBA) loans.  Their extensive background in working closely  with a myriad of small businesses, coupled with their strong  connections with premier lenders nationwide, set the stage for a  transformative solution.

In response, they introduced the "SBA Simplify  System," a proprietary framework designed to demystify and expedite the  SBA loan process. This innovative system is built around four key  pillars: personalized consultation to understand each  business's unique needs, streamlined document management for ease and  efficiency, strategic loan matching to align businesses with the most  suitable SBA loan options, and a swift, transparent closing process to  ensure timely access to funds.

This approach has propelled the company to  significant growth, underpinning Darren and Marcus's commitment to their  foundational mission and values. Through facilitating over a billion  dollars in SBA loans, they have not only reinforced  their dedication to empowering small businesses but also solidified  their reputation as trusted, forward-thinking leaders in the small  business financing sector.

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Alternative loan via Manufacturer Finance

Simplified lending process
Faster turnaround time
Lower "time in business" requirements
No collateral requirements
No cash flow requirements
An industry-changing process that leverages technology to find the capital you need to run your business, without the hassle.
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A Traditional bank loan

Lengthy lending process
A 8 week or more funding time
At least 3 years of business operation required
Heavy emphasis on personal liquidity
A rigid process of the past that comes with stacks of paperwork, weeks of wait times, and too much uncertainty.

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SBA 7a Facility

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